Library funds


The funds of the scientific library of SatbayevUniversity were formed from the first day of the university's work in 1934 in accordance with the profile of the educational and research activities of the university. By 2015, there were already more than 2 million copies in the library's fund.

The fund includes: books, periodicals and continuing editions, reference, scientific, educational and fiction literature, dissertations and their author's abstracts, protected in SatbayevUniversity, electronic databases and other types of publications.


New Arrivals

The annual number of new acquisitions to the library fund is about 60,000 copies of various types of documents. Among the novelties, you can find books on all branches of knowledge. Multiple-sample educational literature on general courses is purchased at the expense of the university.



Subscribing to periodicals is the most reliable way to get up-to-date information for science and learning, always be in the know. The repertoire of the Subscription of the Scientific Library of SatbayevUniversity includes more than a thousand titles of printed and electronic versions of scientific journals giving access to the latest achievements of science and technology. Here you can get information about the periodicals that the university receives.

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