Information resources of the Scientific library


Databases available on-line

Authorized access to these databases for students, professors and teachers of Satbayev University is provided from any computer on the territory of The University.

To get a password and login for remote access to subscription databases, you need to send a request to the email address full name, email address (university email).

For remote work-passwords and usernames can be obtained by email – Mail the follow information for it: 

  1. Full name
  2. Individual identification number (IIN)
  3. Institute, Department
  4. Position
  5. Full-time job/ Part-time job
  6. Contacts (email address, mobile phone)
  7. 3x4 electronic photo (in JPEG format)


Clarivate Analytics (Web of Science)

License access

Web of Science Core Collection is the largest international information platform, an authoritative source of reliable scientometric data. The database covers over 21,000 journals, 70,000 conferences, and 71,000 scientific monographs. Scientists have access to various tools for analyzing, evaluating, and developing scientific research (ResearcherID on Publons, Journal Citation Reports, EndNote Online, and other useful materials).



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Elsevier is the world's largest publisher of scientific, technical and medical literature, publishing over 400,000 articles in 2,500 scientific journals and publishing more than 20,000 books a year. The company provides fast and convenient access to up-to-date scientific information using such systems and databases as Scopus, ScienceDirect, Mendeley, etc.



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Bibliographic and abstract database, indexes more than 21,000 titles of journals, conference materials of various scientific directions. It allows you to track the citation of articles, evaluate authors, research teams, research areas and journals by various bibliometric indicators.



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A leading full-text information platform for scientific, technical, and medical journals and books. It contains 25% of the world's articles, 35,000 books, and more than 14 million full-text documents.


IEEE Xplore Digital Library


IEEE Xplore digital library is a research database for discovery and access to journal articles, conference proceedings, technical standards, and related materials on computer science, electrical engineering and electronics, and allied fields

• Video instructions for working with the database




Reaxys is a structural and chemical factographic database, which includes a database of chemical compounds and their experimental properties, an abstract database of journal and patent publications, a database of chemical reactions with the function of constructing a synthesis plan.

• Instructional videos on how to use Reaxys



License access

SpringerNature e-books are a valuable resource for scientific research. The e-book collection provides access to an extensive collection of scientific, technical, and medical publications, including monographs, textbooks, manuscripts, atlases, reference books, and book series.



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Wiley is a leading international academic publishing house and holds a leading position in the volume of scientific publications, publishes more than 1,600 journals and cooperates with 600 scientific societies around the world.

Access is carried out within the University network and remotely. To get a password and login for remote access, you need to send a request to the mail specifying: full name, email address (preferably corporate).

List of journals published by Wiley, available SU

Instructions for remote access to the Wiley Online Library

About access



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Access to the largest knowledge base - the Electronic Library System (ELS) as part of the IPR SMART Digital Educational Resource.

A fund including about 100 thousand pieces of content, most of which is represented by unique educational and scientific publications.

IPR SMART is a cross platform solution that provides round-the-clock access to the best educational content in all disciplines on any devices.

Access for Android device users

Access for iOS device users


ELS Publishing House fallow-deer

License access

A resource that includes both electronic versions of books published by the Lan publishing house and other leading publishers of educational literature, as well as electronic versions of periodicals on natural, technical and humanitarian sciences. Users of the university have access to the collection "Engineering and Technical Sciences".


Electronic database "Epigraph"


All textbooks and manuals presented in the database are written by the best authors of Kazakhstan and published by the leading local publishing house – "EVERO".

The electronic database "Epigraph" provides a multidimensional search for full-text electronic documents. You can set search terms for a word, phrase, and even a sentence. It is important to note that 100% of the titles of literature in the database are textbooks and teaching aids. The textbooks are presented in three languages-Kazakh, Russian and English.

All these tutorials are available after registration on the website by promo code. Promo code for registration of teachers and students of SU: kaznitu21

Video instructions for registering on the site



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Electronic library of scientific publications, integrated with the Russian Science Citation Index – RSCI) - a tool for measuring and analyzing the publication activity of scientists and organizations. It contains abstracts and full texts of more than 29 million scientific articles and publications, including electronic versions of more than 5,600 Russian scientific and technical journals. More than 4,500 Russian scientific journals are available for free and open access.

Media review. Daily thousands of news, full text in Russian, archive 4 million. stories of news agencies and business press for 20 years. In the category: 110 industries and sub-sectors /8 federal districts of the Russian Federation /250 countries, territories and regions /600 sources /170,000 materials in the Main, including 90,000 author's articles and interviews. Access is open from the library's computers and the internal network.

The address for operation 



Directory Access

Corporate electronic catalog of full-text educational resources of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The volume of the fund is more than 70,000 items of documents.

Open university of Kazakhstan

Directory Access

The website of the Open University presents textbooks of the world's leading universities published within the framework of the project " New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language", free online courses of Kazakhstan universities.


Access to the library

The Kazakhstan National Electronic Library is a single electronic repository of copies of documents reflecting modern scientific works and rare folios devoted to the history, culture and fiction of Kazakhstan. The collection includes more than 55,000 electronic copies.


Access to the system

Unified system of legal information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which searches the system of the Reference Control Bank of Normative legal Acts and the system "Adilet". There is a functionality for commenting and evaluating the texts of regulatory legal acts by registered users.


Access to the system

Information and legal system of normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Contains more than 250,000 documents. Provides access to the official publications of the NPA and reference versions of regulatory legal acts that are maintained in a controlled state.


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