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The scientific library has 14 service points: 8 subscriptions and 6 reading rooms located on the 1st and 2nd floor of the Mining and Metallurgical Corps of Satbayev University. The right to use the library is available to teachers, students, undergraduates, doctoral students, and staff.


Writing to the library

Recording to the library is carried out on the subscription (kab.174, MMC) on the basis of the ID-card (admission to the university), which is a reader's ticket.

Teachers and full-time researchers who need to write to the library must provide:

  1. identification,
  2. a reference from the human resources department,
  3. electronic photo.

University guests and freelancers have the right to use the library's fund only in the reading rooms. To write to the library, you need to provide an identity card.

When you write to the Library, information about the reader is entered in the AIBS NB, an electronic form of the reader is issued, which gives the right to library services and determines the responsibility of the reader for the literature received. If the literature is lost, the user is not serviced until it is restored.

Re-registration of readers / users is conducted annually at the beginning of the academic year from August 20. The absence of re-registration deprives the reader / user of the right to use the resources of the Scientific Library in all divisions until the violation is eliminated.


Issuing books to your home

The library gives readers books, newspapers, magazines, and access to electronic databases for temporary use. All types of library services are provided free of charge.

The issuance of literature on the house is carried out on season tickets. Educational publications are issued for 1 semester. Scientific publications and fiction - for 10 days. The last or only copy of the book is given only to the reading room.

To issue books, you must present an ID-card. The period for the return of the book can be renewed again if there is no demand for it from other readers.

If there is a debt, the library does not serve the user.

In case of loss or damage to library documents or technical means, readers are obliged to make an equivalent replacement.

At the end of the school year, after the completion of training and when you leave, all users must return the books to the library.

The work sheet is signed in the following order:

  1. on all library subscriptions,
  2. the head of the service department (kab.174, MMC).


Reading room

Reading rooms (room 1,76, 268, 269, 273) provide access to books and periodicals in a single copy. Kkigi and magazines on the house from the reading room are not issued. It is possible to make a photocopy or scan in the volumes permitted by the copyright rules.


The library does not allow:

 - to transfer a contactless card to another person or use someone else's document to use the library;

 - enter the library rooms in outer clothing, with bags, with food.

 - violate the silence and order, use mobile phones in the reading rooms;

 - to spoil library books (to make notes in them, to tear out sheets, to bend roots, etc.);

 - remove cards from catalogs and card files;

 - go into office space and book depositories.


With a gross violation of the rules of using the Scientific Library, the violator is deprived of the right to use the library for a period of one to six months.

Information on gross violations of the rules of use of the Scientific Library are transferred to the deans of the university or are communicated to the heads of the relevant structural units.


Library and information attendance and services

Collection of the fund

To fulfill orders for the purchase of literature, subscriptions to periodicals, purchase of electronic resources, it is necessary to submit applications from the departments through the electronic document management system Lotus Notes.

On all questions to apply to the head of the acquisition department Dauletova Zh.K., cabinet. 191, MMC, tel .: 257-71-30.



Access to the library resources is open from all computers of the university by IP addresses. To access electronic resources from home computers and gadgets, authorization is required from the University computers.

To obtain a login and password, please contact the Information and Analytical Department of the Scientific Library (room 260, MMC, phone 7331).

Interlibrary loan (IBA) and electronic document delivery (EDD)

If there are no books in the library, the library can make a request to the Republican Scientific and Technical Library (RLST), the Central Scientific Library "White Ordas" and other partner libraries.

On all issues related to this, please call 257-71-30 or in room.174, MMC.


Help in finding editions in library collections and information in catalogs

• Library-bibliographic references (address, thematic, clarifying).

• Providing UDC index for scientific works of students, undergraduates, doctoral students

and PPP.

• Preparation of information-bibliographic publications.


Memo about the library

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