Acquisition of the fund


The scientific library carries out the acquisition of the library fund for the purpose of information support of educational, scientific and other types of activities provided for by the University Charter.


The library fulfills orders for the purchase of literature, subscriptions to periodicals, and the acquisition of electronic resources as part of the collection of the fund.


Publications in support of the educational process are acquired taking into account the standards for the provision of higher education institutions with a training base in the part relating to library and information resources. Priority is given to publications included in the work programs of the disciplines.


Scientific literature is completed according to the profile of the research activities of the University in the number of 1-3 copies.


Periodicals are completed in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards and topics of research at the university.


Applications of chairs and other structural divisions of the university to subscribe to periodicals are accepted no later than September 1 - for the first half of the year and March 1 - for the second half of the following year.


Gifts. With special gratitude are accepted profile for the university edition, missing in the fund or available in a single copy. The procedure for the transfer of gifts to the fund provides for mandatory prior approval of the library topics, a list, the estimated value of publications, accompanying documents. The basis for recording publications in the fund is a written application of the donor (indicating the passport data and address of residence) or a letter on the company letterhead of the organization with a list of publications that are donated.


The purchase of books is carried out on the basis of applications of the departments. Books without signed and signed applications are not purchased.

On all questions, please contact the head of the acquisition department Dauletova Zhanat Koybagarovna, office. 191, MMC, phone: 257-71-30.


Price lists of publishers for 2018

Having looked through price-lists of publishing houses, you can order the necessary literature.

Elsevier eBook Collection


Poligon International LTD




Collection EBS IPR books



Forms of documents

Executed and approved by the head of the department (or the head of the structural unit) applications are sent to the library through the electronic document management system LotusNotes to the Control and Documentation Support Department.


Application forms:

  1. Acquisition of literature (F607-04).
  2. Test access to electronic resources (F 607-05).
  3. Subscription / prolongation of subscription (F 607-06).
  4. Subscription to periodicals (F 607-07).
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